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Reserach Reveals Coffee Drinkers can lower Both The Risk of Death and Certain Types of Cancer!
Mon, Jan 4, 2016

All coffee drinkers (caffeinated or decaf coffee) appear to have a lower risk of death vs non-coffee drinkers. This adds to research findings indicating there are health benefits by drinking coffee. Coffee of course is extremely popular which has a complex mix of  active compounds, so its effects in the human body are difficult to determine. There's good news! It's now thought coffee may be a factor in both cardio disease and cancer risk reduction.

Thee New England Journal of Medicine reports coffee appears to decrease the overall risk of death. Compared to men and women who didn't drink coffee, those who drank 3 or more cups per day had roughly a 10% lower risk of death. Coffee consumers  were less inclined to die from cardio and heart disease, respiratory issues, stroke, injuries and accidents, infection and diabetes.

The most-researched coffee ingredient is caffeine, The research indicates no health benefit difference between  caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee drinkers. Exactly how or why coffee protects against risk of death and improved overall health is unclear. That's difficult to determine because coffee has an overwhelming 1,000 plus compounds that may affect health.

There is also a new large scale health study showing coffee may also lower the risk of prostate cancer. The large and diverse mix of biologically active compounds may protect human DNA from being damages thus contributing to a lower cancer incidence. With that said, heavy coffee consumption may be unhealthy.

The Harvard School of Public Health has investigated if coffee intake affects risk for prostate cancer. Those researchers estimate  men who had 6 or more cups of coffee a day had an almost 20% lower risk for getting prostate cancer vs men who did not drink coffee at all.

Coffee health benefits were even stronger for the lethal form of  prostate cancer where men who drank 6 or more cups a day had a surprisingly significant 60% lower risk of lethal prostate cancer vs men who drank no coffee. Again, that association (like the earlier information) with lethal cancer was about the same for regular and decaf coffee, so once again  caffeine does not appear to be a factor.

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Reserach Reveals Coffee Drinkers can lower Both The Risk of Death and Certain Types of Cancer!
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